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Oakland Press News

"Bitar’s family has a tradition of owning restaurants, going back three generations over 150 years. Parents Fernand and Malake Bitar came to Michigan in 1995 and started restaurants with the authentic cuisine of North Lebanon."

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The Detroit News

"Malake Bitar's menu of meticulously prepared dishes ranges from the popular trio of hummus, tabouli and baba ganoush — all handled as house specialties and much more than routine — to lamb shanks stewed with okra, shishes and shawarmas from beef to chicken and lamb stuffed with brown rice, almonds and pistachios."

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The Arab American News

"With black leather chairs, white curtains, an elegant piano and modern art hung on the walls, Mandaloun Bistro looks like a contemporary restaurant on the east coast. But the Bingham Farms eatery specializes in the most traditional, homemade, northern Lebanese cuisine."

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Detroit's Premier Business Journal

"Bitar’s parents, who previously owned a fine dining Lebanese restaurant in Farmington Hills, will keep things up to snuff in the kitchen of the 4,800-square-foot restaurant. Her mother will prepare small batches of authentic meals — the baked kibee is served with yogurt and cucumber sauce because 'that’s how we eat it back home'."

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Michigan Restaurants and Bars

"In an age with mass-produced everything, it’s refreshing to see the food at Mandaloun Bistro made from scratch. Their old-world recipes and cuisine perfectly juxtapose the contemporary dining experience. Even if Lebanese food isn’t in your wheelhouse, you’ll have no trouble recognizing the love that goes into each dish."

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Open Table Diners' Choice

"Mandaloun Bistro has been selected by OpenTable diners as one of the best in the area."

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