The story of Mandaloun Bistro

Sophistication meets tradition at Michigan’s premier eatery, Mandaloun Bistro. Inspired by Northern Lebanese cuisine, Mandaloun blends authentic dishes with a modern taste of the Mediterranean for an exciting culinary journey to delight your palates.

Fernand and Malake Bitar came to Michigan in 1995 and started restaurants with authentic cuisine of North Lebanon. Fernand was born in Andaket Akkar, North Lebanon, a mountain village of less than 5,000 inhabitants. Malake was born in the El-Mena district of Tripoli, a famous old Phoenician harbor in the North of Lebanon on the Mediterranean Sea.

Malake's family tradition with Lebanese cuisine goes back 3 generations over 150 years. Malake is the chef, backed by Fernand, her husband, the associate chef, and Melissa Bitar (MB) their daughter. Malake and Fernand cook everything fresh from scratch which makes the Mandaloun Bistro a very special and unique place.

Mandaloun - a type of mullioned window that is an element of the traditional architecture of Lebanon that first appeared in 17th-century mansions and later in the vernacular homes in the mountains of Lebanon.

Mandaloun Window